2015 WAM! Boston Film Festival

The WAM! Boston Film Festival is back! This year’s festival will be held on Saturday, March 21 at the historic Brattle Theater in Cambridge, MA.

About The Festival

The WAM! Film Festival aims to support and promote films made by and about women.

Every film at the festival meets the following criteria:

1. The film must be directed and/or produced by a female-identified filmmaker.
2. The story/topic of the film should feature women, or be about an issue of concern to women.
3. The film was released in 2012 or later (in order to highlight current films), with preference given to films that are released in 2014 or going to be released in 2015.

How to Attend

You may purchase an all-day pass to the festival, which grants you access to the full festival lineup. Alternatively, you may purchase tickets to see individual films. Passes and tickets will be available for purchase very soon. Please click here to sign up to be alerted when passes and tickets go on sale.

The Films

Below are the official selections for the 2015 WAM!Boston Film Festival. Please check back soon for more detailed information about each selection.

The Balloon
A little girl has just lost her father and the presence of a balloon makes her forget everything…

A young woman wakes up to find she’s the only one left alive the morning after a debaucherous house party.

Mary’s not getting any … sleep. Neither, apparently are her sex-crazed neighbours. So Mary does what any respectable woman would do.

A conversation between a mother and a daughter, along with several other ingredients, will allow us to get inside the private lives of other people. The dialogues wear such resemblance to those of ordinary life that they will remind us of ourselves.

Date With Fate
Some things are meant to be, whether you like it or not.

Alles wordt nu anders (Everything Will Be Different Now)
Esther (40) is expecting her first child, Marie-Louise (61) is terminally ill. Although they travel in opposite directions, there are numerous similarities. They are both preparing for a major and incomprehensible event over which they have little control. They become dependent on others but at the same time they are thrown back on themselves and their world shrinks into an ever smaller universe. The film takes us into both women’s heads and makes us part of their changing worlds.

Kintsugi, which means “golden joinery”, is the Japanese technique of mending broken ceramics with gold filled resin. Every repaired ceramics has a unique and irreplicable pattern of golden lines due to randomness of the crushing. This technique has its roots in the belief that the object is more valuable and beautiful with its history revealed.
Bodies also tell us their story. Some of them say it loud.

The young woman Lola is caught in the downward economical spiral of Madrid. While struggling with her personal crisis of apathy, her grandma Lala has a heavy stroke. In this movie with emotion and humor, Lola and Lala try to overcome the afasie of language and crisis.

Drinking coffee in the morning is not this family’s ritual anymore, but a sad memory which is reborn every day. The mother lives in illusion of the past, because the present is too cruel and the father is trying to impose the truth on her, the truth that he himself is not willing to accept. Destiny is often like a morning coffee – bitter and harsh, but we still drink it. This is a story about the gap and losses in the family which can be overcome only by selfless support and love.

Pathology is set in a dystopian South Africa of 2020, where impossibly high walls circle the cities, separating the healthy from the virus-ridden and the rich from the poor. Two sisters administer palliative care and research a cure for the virus. Or so it would seem. As the film unfolds, we come to realize that one of the sisters died some time ago, having succumbed to the virus, while the other is slowly unravelling, losing the threads of her life-story as she maintains a daily ritual to shore up her guilt.

Jewish Girls Are Easy
Tova has a Passover Seder to throw but her brother Sol who is supposed to bring the main course is nowhere to be found. To make matters worse, Colin, Tova’s most recent one night stand, thinks the hickey on her breast is the Virgin Mary and refuses to leave her side. Will Tova be able to find Sol, get rid of Colin, and save Passover?

Red Lines
Two young activists with the potential to shape the outcome of the Syrian Revolution dare to go where the media can’t and world leaders won’t. But until the world acts on its own red lines for intervention…they’re on their own.

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