Strategic Vision: What’s Next for WAM!

View WAM!’s Strategic Vision for the future of gender justice in the media.

Women hold just 5% of clout-level positions in the media overall, and only 11% of executive positions in Silicon Valley. We WAM! because power and privilege determines who gets to speak, who makes decisions, and who is listened to—and most of the time, women’s voices are disturbingly absent.

Media shapes our perceptions, culture, and our lives, but women are less likely to own media, drive the public narrative, and have fair and diverse representation and access. In addition, the pervasiveness of online harassment, abuse, and victim-blaming hinders our ability to freely and safely express our stories and opinions.


That’s why WAM! is creating change—and determined to keep that up. Our new strategic vision is the next step in expanding women and gender non-conforming people’s access, participation, and ownership in the media.

Our people-driven movement is shifting power to advance gender equality in media and tech access, ownership, representation, and participation. We’re counting on you to help us become the gender justice juggernaut the world needs now and in the future. Support WAM! today.