This year’s election exposed us to deep racism, sexism, and power imbalances that are still in place in this country. The current media climate, and the prevalence of online harassment surfaced, heightened, and normalized existing tensions, hatred, and barriers to equality.

It also awakened and emboldened those injustices and prejudicial instincts. What are the implications of a multi-year hate campaign? What are the implications of living in a country that holds you – and perhaps has always held you – as inferior to the rest? We’re in the process of learning that right now.

To fully understand what is happening, we need to look at the damage we are doing to each other. That’s why we’ve joined our partners at Hollaback! In launching the #MOMENTOFTRUTH Campaign.

We’re collecting and posting stories from people who have witnessed a rise in hate in their own lives. Casual comments that eat at us, some of them spoken in passing by our loved ones. Hate-filled rants posted by those we call friends on Facebook. Online harassment. Toxic media perpetuation of racism and rape culture. Black churches lit on fire and vandalized, accompanied by “Vote Trump” etched in graffiti.

How can you get involved?

  • Head over to our #MomentofTruth Tumblr page where you can share and read stories about your experiences with hate and discrimination in the wake of this election.
  • Share your thoughts, feelings, moments of pain via social media using the hashtag #momentoftruth
  • Sit down with a friend or family member with the free StoryCorps app to record a conversation reflecting on the election. When you’re done, upload it to the Moment of Truth StoryCorps community page.

This campaign is powered by Rhize, The Dinner Party, Women, Action and Media, CTZNwell, The Harry Potter Alliance, Uplift, Sadie Nash, Paradigm Shift, The TMI Project, The Network Innovation Fund, The UnSlut Project, and StoryCorps. Our coalition knows the power of sharing your story. It reminds us we’re not alone, making our pain real and our collective power palpable. It’s only by giving voice to the pain that we can finally hold a mirror up to ourselves.

Join us in sharing your story. We see you, we hear you, we’re here with you.