Boston Film Fest: Documentary Shorts

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of extraordinary documentary shorts! $6.

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agencystill1(Dir: Meredith Wright, 2012, 22 minutes) Agency follows five young Western women struggling to work as models in Osaka’s toxic and intoxicating fashion market. The film features two protagonists, Marta, a hardened twenty-year-old from Estonia and Holly a wide-eyed thirteen-year-old from Ottawa. Their stories intersect as Holly enters the world that Marta knows all too well. World premiere! Meredith Wright, director of Agency, will be on hand for a post-screening Q&A. 


Why Do You Have Black Dolls?

black-dolls-promotional-still-03(Dir: Samantha Knowles, 2012, 25 minutes) Inspired by a question asked of director Sam Knowles as a child, Why Do You Have Black Dolls? is a unique exploration of the history, beauty, and pride that is the black doll. In a world where representation and self-esteem are at the forefront of sociological debate, the film reveals that black dolls are more than just playthings – they are cultural artifacts that represent the history of the people they depict. Boston area premiere!

Cutting Up

CuttingUpStill3(Dir: Veronica Pinkham, 2012, 10 minutes) Cutting Up examines the declining presence of female body builders at the professional level. Three female competitors, including former eight time Ms. Olympia champion Lenda Murray, reflect candidly on their experiences in a sporting world with harsh double standards. Cutting Up celebrates the hard working, hard-bodied women of bodybuilding while uncovering their vulnerabilities. East Coast Premiere!

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