Boston Film Fest: Experimental & Animated Shorts

This selection of films from around the globe transports us through dream-like states, from light-hearted, sensual, and surreal, to pensive, dark, and terrifying. Content for mature audiences. (Running time: 90 minutes) $6.



Libidinis. frame 300_70mm 02(Dir: Rosa Peris, Mercedes Peris, 2011, 4:18 minutes, Spain) Libidinis (“desire” in Latin) explores human skin as a metaphor – it is the last layer of the body, and to discover the true character and the mind of a person, it is necessary to go deeper. Animated. East Coast Premiere.





We’ll Be Together Again

we'll_be _together_again_still03(Dir: Kozué Shimada, 2012, 2:32 minutes, Japan) A hand-drawn portrayal of simple living things with both instincts and feelings. Animated. U.S. Premiere.






Cotton Candy

cotton candy 1(Dir: Daphna Mero, 2010, 4:23 minutes, U.S.) As a woman sits in a laundromat, a violent encounter with a stranger resurfaces. A non-genre film that combines elements from video-art, dance and fictional cinema. MA Premiere. Director Daphna Mero will be on hand for a post-screening Q&A.





A Day After 0.3

foto_saso_stih_a_day_after_0_3_director_enya_belak (4)(Dir: Enya Belak, 2012, 3:18 minutes, Slovenia) A choreographic debut by Veronika Valdés . Fear is unpleasant, but life without it is impossible. A person in danger runs away, attacks, stiffens, and screams. The day after makes all the difference – or – does it? Is there one? U.S. Premiere. Enya Belak will be on-hand for a post-screening Q&A.




Running Toward Thou

biec w strone ty (4 of 31)(Dir: Hanna Brulińska, 2012, 29 minutes, Poland) A poetic impression that revolves around the attempt of its protagonist, Irma, to face up to her life experiences. For Irma, the past and the present are strongly intertwined. Images from her childhood, seminal moments of her adult life and, finally, an allegorical run through the forest, that represents Irma’s emotional state, become a psychological case study of a woman’s soul. U.S. Premiere.




Multiplication 2(Dir: Mahsa Dehkordi, 2011, 15:25 minutes, Iran) A young girl who is raped and suffering from the memory of the incident decides to contact an organization after receiving their advertisements about helping people commit suicide. U.S. premiere.






Deep Dark

deep dark small(Dir: Laura Heit, 2011, 7:07 minutes, U.S.) The Deep Dark journeys into the psyche with animation, projected shadows, fleeting lights, and ethereal vocal incantations. “Laura Heit explores that symbol of wildness – the wolf – in the layered, animated “The Deep Dark,” revealing how a deep-seated fear of the woods affects our perception.” – Serena Donadoni Indiewire. MA premiere.



Grand Design

thegranddesign_small(Dir: Midi Onodera, 2012, 9:37 minutes, Canada) Filmed in scrumptious outdated super 8, The Grand Design is a glimpse into the reflections of a dying burlesque performer. Vintage black and white clips from stag films of the 1950s are juxtaposed against a muted Tuscan landscape, the home and final resting place of the unnamed woman. The Grand Design is an unapologetic look back at an unconventional life, lived to its fullest, in an almost forgotten moment of pop culture. East Coast Premiere.



So, Mary

shadow at sticks(Dir: Julianne Hill, 2010, 8 minutes, U.S.) In this film essay, a seasoned journalist unsure of her positions about God and the afterlife, poses a series of questions to Mary Magdalene. With honesty and humor, she seeks insight from Mary about relationships and child rearing, along with advice on how best to create a new life after the death of a husband. East Coast Premiere.




GE POCKET CAMCORDER(Dir: Sam Smiley, 2012, 3:25 minutes, U.S.) Shot in the waters of Cape Cod, MA, Underwater is a collaboration between video artist Sam Smiley and musician and performer Zoe Lewis. Shot completely underwater, it features tidal pools, angry crabs, inquisitive fish, and Zoe, effervescent, with her cardboard ukulele. Director Sam Smiley will be on hand for a post-screening Q&A.





This screening only $6