Stand with the people of Kansas.

This Weds., Aug. 28 at 1:30pm Central, representatives of South Wind Women’s Center will be joined by members of the Wichita community to deliver over 68,000 signatures and comments calling on Clear Channel to lift a ban on radio ads promoting the clinic’s health care services for women. 

Stand with them. Make sure their voices are heard. Tweet the three Wichita stations refusing to play South Wind’s ads for reproductive health care:

 102.1 The Bull |  Channel 96.3 |  B98 Wichita

Here are just some of the things Kansas residents said when we asked them why they were calling on Clear Channel to reverse its ban on ads for the South Wind Women’s Center: 

  • “Women’s health care is’s about more than someone’s religion. I will now begin to boycott the other advertisers to Clear Channel. Apparently your idea of decency is to allow women to die from unsafe health care, from mental trauma and from your self-righteous judgement. Women will be heard.” Vickie Shingleton, WICHITA, KS
  • “Women should have the right to be informed of healthcare facilities which provide not only OB/GYN services but pregnancy terminations as their health statuses require. This is a choice of conscience and a professional service. Information regarding the locations of such facilities should be provided.” Connie Pace, WICHITA, KS
  • “All women deserve the right to make their own choices regarding their health and welfare. Allowing only the vocal extremists to be heard is ludicrous. The hypocrisy of Clear Channel should not be rewarded in any way.” Deborah Smith, WICHITA, KS
  • “That is so lame to say the ads are indecent.. I live in Wichita and I will no longer listen to your programs.until you get some back bone.” Mary Wehrheim, WICHITA, KS
  • “Clear Channel is Whats wrong in KS.” John Robb, PITTSBURG, KS
  • “Not only is this stupid, considering all of the male enhancement ads that clear channel runs, but it is also sending a message the Clear Channel would rather we die than get routine medical services. Another reason for blocking the clear channel stations if you can!” Mary Bolack, ELDORADO, KS
  • “Women should have the freedom to plan their family’s size and the spacing of their children.” Julia Kirkpatrick, SHAWNEE, KS
  • “Women deserve equal rights to healthcare and potentially life saving services. By refusing to run these ads you are denying the women in Wichita important information. To claim that the ads are too divisive while at the same time broadcasting shows like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity is the height of hypocrisy” Enrique Rodriguez, WICHITA, KS
  • “Because I’m a woman. And an advertising agency owner.” Ruthanne Timm, WICHITA, KS
  • “Because women’s health should be important to everyone” Amanda Williams, PITTSBURG, KS
  • “Because women are people, too. Because human rights matter. Because this is descrimination” Laura Washburn, PITTSBURG, KS
  • “Women’s health care should not be divisive. If people have a personal issue with women accessing health care, that is their personal problem.” Hannah Goseland, WICHITA, KS
  • “The rights of women to have autonomy over their reproductive system is vital to equality.” Jason Chaika, TOPEKA, KS
  • “The health of women depends upon access to reproductive health services, and women need to know where they can go when there is a need.” Cathlyn Unruh, LAWRENCE, KS
  • “Clear Channel accepts ads that vulgar, tasteless, and immoral. But, you won’t accept ads to help and educate the public? Shame on you and your misplaced values. I’ll do my best to turn others away from your stations and your advertisers.” Bill Kitchen, WICHITA, KS
  • “Women’s healthcare is not indecent or obscene. The Comstock Act was 140 years ago. Grow up” Shannon Moore, WICHITA, KS
  • “Women’s Health is not indecent. End the rank hypocrisy.” Christopher Eshelman, WICHITA, KS
  • “I live in Wichita, was in Wichita when Dr. Tiller was murdered, and believe that his commitment to women’s health was so important to this community and should continue. Also, I hear the ads for ALL the local sex shops and stripper establishments during ALL times of the day, and have no qualms with that. Therefore I find it incredibly negligent on Clear Channel’s behalf, that they freely run ads promoting sex, but not staying healthy and informed about sex and the risks therein.” Erin Mundus, WICHITA, KS
  • “Hmm, I wonder how you would feel if it were your mothers sisters and daughters getting the short end of the stick regarding your idiotic policies.” Michael Owens, WICHITA, KS
  • “I’ve always heard Clear Channel is a sexist, hard-right, fundamental christian organization. So now you have decided to go with unconstitutional as well. Nice job.” Tabitha Bean, BURNS, KS
  • “Censor ad for women’s healthcare but allow ads for strip clubs? We see what you think of women. We will not tolerate it any longer.” Scott Kerns, WICHITA, KS
  • “We need to de-stigmatize comprehensive reproductive healthcare so canceling a radio commercial for the only full spectrum clinic in town is definitely a step in the wrong direction. And people need to know their services are available! Clear Channel doesn’t trust women if they refuse to provide us with the info we need to take care of our bodies.” Sydney Fish, WICHITA, KS
  • “All of the services that Trust Women offers are important to women in this community. I don’t want females to feel they have to resort to back-alley abortions” Jill Boatright, PARK CITY, KS
  • “I think this is a kind of nefarious censorship for political reasons, and Clear Channel, being so prevalent everywhere these days, should be concerned about the public interests of women.” Cass Bruton, BOGUE, KS
  • “Please don’t let the bullies get away with stomping out women’s rights” Julie Sheppard, WICHITA, KS
  • “The support of women’s reproductive rights and health is most important to me and my granddaughters” Mary Harrenq, WICHITA, KS
  • “To paraphrase a great movie line, ‘You could have been a contender’ -this was a missed opportunity for you to be part of the world that recognizes lawful, health care as a valid service to your audience.” JZ hicks, WICHITA, KS
  • “Women need honest information for healthy lives” Mary Knecht, WICHITA, KS
  • “Women have the right to be knowledgeable about their health care options, and the right to know about businesses that offer health care services. Please reinstate SWWC ads immediately” Deb Leep, KECHI, KS
  • “All people should have choices.” James Anderson, PRAIRIE VILLAGE, KS
  • “Women deserve to know what is available to make their own choices.” Anne Bailey, WICHITA, KS
  • “Accurate information about women’s health and access to needed services is a human right” Joanne Roudebush, TOPEKA, KS
  • “Strip clubs acceptable advertising, but responsible and respectable health care for women not acceptable. What nonsense!” Delphine Smith, WICHITA, KS
  • “All women need to have access to information about all health care options. The media should not censure that information.” SW LaRilla Combs, ANDOVER, KS
  • “Women need to have access to information and providers who can provide SAFE and comprehensive medical services. How dare Clear Channel censor this information from the pubic.”Jenny Gennaro, WICHITA, KS
  • “I do not support entities or sponsors of entities that deny women full access to health care and health care information. Shame on you; shame on the GOP; shame on the lower case christians who use this for power and control.” Kathryn Moore, MANHATTAN, KS
  • “Unwanted children are scared for life by a negative home life. Gangs and mentally troubled children perpetuate crime and mental illness. I believe life begins with the first breath of life not as cells and are dividing up to form a child. If you don’t believe in birth control or abortions don’t use tactics to force other people to follow your beliefs.” Sammy Lambrechtse, WICHITA, KS
  • “These double standards are outrageous.” Rebecca Tong, WICHITA, KS
  • “Women should know about the important services South Wind Women’s Center offers” Deanna Zitterkopf, WICHITA, KS
  • “Women need to know about access to abortion. This is blatant discrimination against women.” Diane Wahto, WICHITA, KS
  • “Women should/must hear about services that offer them and their families optimal health care and choices. Censorship is always an act against free and open speech.” Gail James, OVERLAND PARK, KS
  • “It is dismaying that your ads promote strip clubs (for men) and not health care (for women)” Jane Byrnes, WICHITA, KS
  • “Hypocrisy. I could see if they wanted to keep all ads family-friendly, but they have strip club ads. Strip clubs are more important than health care? Disgusting.” Alexandra Simmons, WICHITA, KS
  • “I’m very disappointed on Clear Channel’s policies and practices with regard to women and letting them be equally cared for in our society” Brent Weeks, WICHITA, KS
  • “Let me guess…Clear Channel is run by a group of men who will never have to face the difficult decision of whether or not to carry a pregnancy to term. Hypocrisy at its ultimate.” Susan Johnson, WICHITA, KS
  • “Limiting women’s reproductive rights is not about life or love. It is a means of control.” Carol R June, WICHITA, KS
  • “For SHAME, for SHAME!!” Katherine Campbell, WICHITA, KS
  • “Heath care should be provided in a safe, sanitary environment and people need to know where it is available. There is nothing indecent about advertising healthcare except for religious bias/prejudice.” Heather Fusilier, WICHITA, KS




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