#TYZerlina – Support Zerlina Maxwell as she speaks out about rape!

Democratic Strategist Zerlina Maxwell recently appeared on Fox’s Hannity to discuss arming women with guns in hopes of preventing rape. During the heated debate, Maxwell made the point that:

I think that the entire conversation is wrong. I don’t want anybody to be telling women anything. I don’t want men to be telling me what to wear and how to act, not to drink. And I don’t, honestly, want you to tell me that I needed a gun in order to prevent my rape. In my case, don’t tell me if I’d only had a gun, I wouldn’t have been raped. Don’t put it on me to prevent the rape.

After facing some resistance from fellow panelists as well as Sean Hannity, Maxwell followed up with, “We should be telling men not to rape women.”

Maxwell’s well thought out and reasonable suggestion (one I myself have made before) was met with incredible backlash, with some people going as far as to threaten her with rape in protest! Not one to back down, Maxwell has written a piece for Ebony.com detailing 5 ways we can teach men not to rape. Throughout all of this, Maxwell has still been receiving rape threats and undue harassment, simply for having the courage to speak the truth.

I’m calling for fellow feminists to rise up and support Maxwell. You can do this by tweeting her at @ZerlinaMaxwell and include the hashtag #TYZerlina to show your thanks. You can also help by helping to reframe the way we discuss rape, both in the media and in everyday discussions.