Join the “Speak up! Listen up!” Campaign!

Join the International Museum of Women and thousands of others around the world in combating negative stereotypes about Muslim women!
Pledge to be a part of the solution to end Islamophobia by speaking out against negative stereotypes and listening to the diverse voices of Muslim women.

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Below are two simple ways you can combat negative stereotypes against Muslim women:

1. SPEAK UP! When you hear or see someone perpetuating negative stereotypes about Muslim women, be it online, in the media, or in your daily life, don’t remain silent. Speak up against these negative voices and change the conversation.

2.  LISTEN UP! Explore the Muslima exhibition, where you can hear the incredible and diverse voices of Muslim women around the world and see their creative work.

In post-9/11 society, Islamophobia remains one of the few acceptable prejudices. All too often our media, leaders, and communities project an image of Muslim women that is distorted, negative, and one-dimensional. When we deny the diversity and potential of Muslim women, we deny our world of ideas, imagination, and solutions. Join the SPEAK UP! LISTEN UP! campaign and change the global conversation about Muslim women. You’ll receive occasional email updates about the campaign, including ways you can take action in your daily life. Support the efforts of Muslim women and others worldwide who are leading the movement for a more just, equitable, and inclusive world, and speak out against negative stereotypes about Muslim women and encourage others to truly listen to their voices.