Stop Facebook-based harassment of mentally ill homeless woman

A Facebook page dedicated to “South County Cindy” urges its users to find and take pictures of a homeless woman in South County, St. Louis. Facebook users post her location throughout the day and seem to have no concern about the invasion of her privacy or the risks such exposure brings to her. Comments range from those with good, albeit misguided, intentions to truly hateful (one commenter states plans to fill a Supersoaker with urine to spray her; others call her a “whore” and various other names). Facebook, despite multiple reports, refuses to take down the page, which lists her as “Public Figure.” Cindy herself stated to the St. Louis Post Dispatch that she does not want her picture taken and does not want to be harassed by strangers, even well-meaning ones: The page has more than 14,000 likes, so Facebook has no incentive to bow to the pressure of those few of us concerned enough about her safety to report the page. A second Facebook page has now popped up, and a Twitter user has begun harassing her, as well. Can you help?