Blatant Misogyny in the ‘Manosphere’

I’ve been noticing a current trend of hate induced through the internet against women by politically extremist or/and opportunistic people under the guise of a so called ‘manosphere’. These blogs/websites attract a lot of traffic specially from young people who are encited to rape women and/or use them as sexual commodities. More often than not, there is also a vehemently fascistic element to their rheoteric which blames liberal values such as freedom to women/minorities etc for the sexual repression of their readers. Thus this turns out to be an effective strategy for them to attract more such individuals and spread hate. One such person is Daryush Valizadeh who uses the name RooshV for his blogs &
On his blog one finds seriously henious misogyny and ridicule against women apparent by a post like this.

He has authored several deregotary rape guides in context of different countries.(eg: Bang Ukraine, Bang Estonia etc where he provides advises to rape intoxicated women in clubs/bars etc.) A list of them can be found here
In a highly sadisic move he has now turned to cyber bullying, when he recently bullied two individuals from new york city abusing them, reveling their personal information on the internet and by his usage of racial and sexist abuses.

Thus it is pretty evident that technology is being misused to create a wave of ‘new-fascism’ by indoctrinating frustrated/opportunistic young people. Therefore I would like to bring this issue to your notice at it’s earliest in lieu of my belief in your righteous and needful actions.

Thank you.