Call for presentations: Chicago WAM! Slam

punching_heroWe’re hosting a series of lightning talks about issues of gender and the media called WAM! Slam, held on March 24, 2014.

What are lightning talks? Within 60 minutes, we’ll host a series of five minute talks from 10 speakers. Because speakers will have no more than five minutes to complete their talk, and Power Point presentations are discouraged. We want you and your ideas to be the focus.

We’re looking for 10 speakers for WAM! Slam and we’re inviting the public to submit their ideas for 5 minute presentations on topics around gender and media representation, media ownership, and activism. Our definition of “media” is broad, so everything from journalism, television, social media, music, video games and more are fair game.

Please send us two 3-5 sentence paragraphs describing a.) the topic of your talk b.) your biography and background to [email protected] by Sunday March 9th.

WAM! connects, supports and organizes media makers, activists, academics and funders working to advance women’s media participation, ownership and representation. Our work is part of an advocacy movement for gender justice in media.