Tell The Washington Post to Fire Richard Cohen

The Washington Post has a big problem and his name is Richard Cohen, a syndicated columnist for the paper.

In July, he wrote a column justifying the racial profiling that led to the murder of unarmed Trayvon Martin. In September, he blamed Miley Cyrus and the MTV Video Music Awards for “so-called Steubenville rape,” adding that the issue in Steubenville was less about criminality and more about “decency.”

Now he’s gone too far–way, way too far–again. On November 12, he wrote a column suggesting that interracial marriage is offensive to many Americans and makes them want to “gag.”

His column is going viral and people everywhere are outraged.

Enough. This isn’t a one-time mistake from Cohen–it follows a long history of deeply offensive rhetoric. And The Washington Post needs to know that this time, we’re not letting them sweep it under the rug. Will you sign the petition asking the Post to fire Cohen?