End Street Harassment, Remove Simple Pickup’s YouTube Channel

Cat calling, sexual comments, groping, leering, following — these are all action women and LGBTQA folk deal with in public spaces every day. Street harassment is a human rights violation, but Simple Pickup seems to think it’s a great way to get dates.

Simple Pickup is a YouTube channel and small business. Its videos feature three guys as they harass, sexualize and often downright grope women on the street, all in the name of “picking up girls” and “giving you tips to help guys like you, get laid,” [sic] according to the user description. Unfortunately, the channel has over a million subscribers, and the message it sends is clear: it’s totally okay to harass women on the street, sexualize them, make them uncomfortable, and touch them without their consent.

Will you sign the petition to remove Simple Pickup’s YouTube channel? Harassment does not deserve glorification or profit.