Net Neutrality actions that everyone can take

Hey y’all —

Today’s the day. The FCC will decide whether or not to adopt new proposed rules that allow slow lanes and fast lanes on the internet. The FCC just voted to consider new rules that allow slow lanes and fast lanes on the internet. These rules will create an unequal internet, and oppress voices that are already fighting to be heard in a biased media. We must take action now.

Here is a list of actions anyone can take today to stand in solidarity against these rules and for net neutrality.

1. Show up to an in-person rally outside of FCC regional offices across the country. Maybe you can go on your lunch break? Here is a list of all the events: If you live in the DC area, you may have already noticed a sizable crowd at FCC headquarters. Join them! And bring a quirky sign if you can — you never know when Buzzfeed is watching (Buzzfeed is always watching).

2. Participate in today’s Instagram action: Share a picture on Instagram (& share on Twitter!) with the hashtag #mediajustice and #FCCNetNeutrality. Not sure what to post? Here’s a suggestion: write your message on a sheet of paper, cardboard, or tablet. Finish this sentence: “We need REAL net neutrality because…” Click here to see some examples.

3. Tweet the dickens out of the #FCCNetNeutrality hashtag. It has been trending for days now and there’s a great conversation there. If you don’t know what to tweet, you can copy this tweet we tweeted a couple days ago:

Go to Notice anything different? The whole internet could be like this without net neutrality. #FCCNetNeutrality

4. Share the dickens out of this awesome article from Bitch Magazine explaining why net neutrality is a feminist issue. Share it far and wide.

5. Share any other actions that you are participating in or that you think others would be interested in participating in with the WAM! listserv or on social media. Today is the day, folks.

Play like a champion y’all!


Mina S. Farzad