Stop harassment at San Diego Comic Con, create a formal anti-harassment policy

After a year long awareness and testimony gathering campaign for Cosplay =/= CONsent, we launched a petition against San Diego Comic Con. The petition demands that the convention institute a formal anti harassment policy and train their volunteers to know how to handle when people report harassment. We have over 1,200 signatures so far!

We will be at the convention in July to deliver the petition in person and talk to convention guests about their experiences with harassment, while also informing the convention attendees that San Diego Comic Con has no formal mechanisms for training volunteers or enforcing anti-harassment policies.

Conventions are a place where people are meant to embrace and celebrate what they love, however, continuous harassment has tarnished the experience for many. Cosplayers have experienced verbal harassment, groping, up-the-skirt photos, and many more negative incidents while attending a convention.

The petition is available here.