November 2014 WAM! Entertainment Guide

The second WAM! Entertainment Guide is here! With these new monthly guides, we’re aiming to answer the question: “Who’s getting it right — right now?” Each month, WAM!mers submit their favorite entertainment media (we’re talking music, tv, film, books, games, podcasts, comics — and more!) and we curate it into a fun, fresh WAM! Entertainment Guide. Think of us as your Fairy Godmother of Nights and Weekends.

We know that achieving gender justice in the media is as much about supporting the good stuff as it is fighting the bad stuff. And because we know that few things are without legitimate criticism, we include a “counterpoint” for each selection if there’s a feminist critique you may want to consider.

Our suspicions have been confirmed: WAM!mers are seriously cool. This month’s guide is goodClick here to check out the November 2014 WAM! Entertainment Guide! >>