BinderCon LA Was Awesome

We were so excited when the fine folks at BinderCon invited us to the west coast for BinderCon LA. After having such a great time at the inaugural BinderCon in New York, we figured this could only be a good idea — or a great one considering the LA sunshine! Turns out it was a great one! In a room overlooking the leafy UCLA campus, two groups of rockstar ladies worked together under the leadership of WAM! Founder Jaclyn Friedman, WAM! Executive Director Jamia Wilson and Community Manager Mina Farzad, and WAM!mer Shanelle Matthews and came up with action plans to address two issues: the lack of women in comedy writers’ rooms, and how to connect willing funders with artists. Like last time, we were amazed by how much they came up with in just one short hour! WAM! will be taking these action plans into consideration when we plan upcoming campaigns.

We’d like to thank BinderCon for having us — we’re already looking forward to the next one! — and everybody that attended the WAM! workshop. Team work makes the dream work!