May 2015 WAM! Entertainment Guide

The beginning of summer is such a tangible feeling isn’t it? Your bones are finally thawed out and dry from the damp damp spring. The sun on your shoulders feels better than any spa treatment. And after that horrid winter you have vowed to never again be inside if the sun is out. We’re with you. This month’s picks can be enjoyed on the go, except for one, which we think you should reserve for that first day of sticky hot weather that needs to be soothed with the balm of a cold movie theater.

This month, we’re enjoying a couple things that we have been waiting for for years. An album seven years in the making, a film that has been “in production” for 22 years, and a book and a podcast that are the first of their kind. It’s all rounded out by a documentary that validates what we’ve known for years — you can’t be what you can’t see.

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