Rise Up & Resist

Ten days ago we WAM!med at the Women’s March. That was just the beginning. It is more important than ever that we rise up and resist attacks on our values and freedom.

Donald Trump has been President for less than two weeks. In that time his administration has: signed an executive order for a discriminatory and unconstitutional “Muslim Ban,” reinstated the “global gag rule;” instituted a freeze on public communications and grant spending at agencies including the EPA, USDA, and Department of Health and Human Services; pledged support for both the Dakota Access and Keystone XL pipelines; and threatened press freedom. To name just a few. While these are trying times, together we can build bridges so powerful that they can break through impenetrable walls.

Here are some ways you can move the fight forward:

  • Rally up. Join a #nobannowall airport protest or welcoming committee in your community.
  • Speak up! Call your senators and urge them to #StopBannon and #StopSessions publicly and legislatively.
  • Report on and cover demonstrations and actions in your community.
  • Offer to help #nobannowall local legal teams with media relations and engagement.
  • Serve as translators to help support detainees.
  • Reach out to people who are being targeted in your community. Listen and ask how you can support them.
  • Document and #reporthate to the Southern Poverty Law Center.
  • Help us build capacity and remain vigilant by supporting our work.

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