GTFO: A Film About Women in Gaming

Still from GTFO
Date: May 9, 2015
Start Time: 4:30 pm
End Time: 7:00 pm
Location: Cinematheque
Address: 1131 Howe Street, #200
Where: Vancouver

DOXA, a major Vancouver documentary film festival, is coming up from April 30 to May 10, 2015. The program for this year includes some amazing, thought-provoking films on activismqueer issues and identities, sexuality, race and power, and much more.

WAM! Vancouver is proud to be a community partner for the screening of GTFO: Get the F&#% Out, a movie about women in gaming.

GTFO, a film by American director Shannon Sun-Higginson, “pries open the video game world to explore a 20 billion dollar industry that is riddled with discrimination and misogyny.” It was sparked by the public display of harassment against Dragon Age writer Jennifer Hepler in 2012.

When Hepler added a storyline that included gay romance to the game, the result was a prominent and very ugly online harassment campaign. At one point, Hepler was receiving more than 500 harassing messages a day that threatened both her and her family.

The film is unabashedly and brutally honest as it argues how we treat each other in online spaces is a reflection of how we treat each other in the real world. Hiding behind keyboards and screen names, trolls pour out racist, sexist, and homophobic slurs with the click of a button — and anyone who dares to speak out becomes a target.

After the screening, audience members are invited to stay for a post-film discussion to become part of the larger conversation that is shaping our video game world.

Visit for more information and to buy tickets.

Click here to watch the trailer (Trigger Warning for discussion of violent harassment and threats).