What People Say

“WAM! is one of those rare spaces where you are encouraged to bring your professional and activist selves together. Personally you will develop important relationships at WAM! and have opportunities to upgrade your technology, storytelling, business and/or organizing skills. You will also have time to reflect on the impact of our collective efforts as women in the media and discuss how we can continue making progress. As WAM! moves forward, our efforts to integrate media and movements will evolve alongside it.”
– Irene Villasenor, American Documentary, Inc. | P.O.V.

“Because I spend my day job in the dude-dominated world of DC journalism, WAM! (in both its conference format and in its virtual space) is a real haven for me. I love how WAM! connects me with amazing activist women who are thinking about the big media picture.”
– Ann Friedman, Deputy editor, The American Prospect and Editor, Feministing.com

“Choosing to be a freelance journalist, especially in the progressive world, may be one of the more masochistic paths a writer could pursue — it’s lonely, it pays crap, and when the day is done, we’re often alone and hungry with our ideals. The WAM! conference and listserv have been welcome spaces for me to connect with like-minded folks who are incredibly accessible. I have been encouraged, financially and otherwise, to push forward with ideas that I might have abandoned for fear that I would simply be sending my work into a void. At a time when the back and forth of writers and editors can be conducted entirely over e-mail, WAM! has created a space where face-to-face contact, and the dialogue that naturally follows from passionate writers, editors, and activists converging, is still valued, indeed, celebrated.”
– Onnesha Roychoudhuri, writer and editor

“WAM! has become for me an indispensable opportunity to meet talented writers and editors and trade strategies about how to challenge sexism in what remains a male-dominated field. Most importantly, because of WAM!’s frank feminist orientation and open commitment to advancing social justice, its panels and conversations provoke me to rethink the kinds of stories I assign.”
– Esther Kaplan, Investigative Editor, The Nation Institute

“The WAM conference, in retrospect, was absolutely essential for me to continue to expand my resources and skill sets. It was an amazing weekend, finding myself in the middle of hundreds of a community of women who shared experiences similar to mine, yet whose voices were so distinct and diverse. Especially as a freelance person living the independent-contractor lifestyle, WAM has become a crucial support and resource structure for me, and I’m recommending the conference to numerous colleagues and clients. Thank you, WAM!”
– Deanna Zandt, media technologist and consultant

“Participating in WAM for the first time was a truly invaluable experience. I made great connections, developed collaborations with other groups, and left feeling inspired. As a relative newcomer to media work, WAM served as the perfect forum to garner attention for feministing.com while forging connections for the future development for my site. WAM not only gives young women a chance to work and strategize with each other and seasoned media professionals—the conference also provides a much-needed support network for women in the media. I can’t say enough about it.”
-Jessica Valenti, Feministing.com

“WAM! was one of the best conferences I’ve been to in a long time… It brought together women who are political and progressive, and women who are working journalists. It engaged with the media instead of just sniping at it from the margins, taking the attitude that change can be made. It was especially useful for me as an editor who makes it a priority to cultivate women’s voices; I connected with people there whom I might not have otherwise.”
-Betsy Reed, senior editor, The Nation

“The amazing women I’ve met at WAM!—journalists, artists, editors and activists have encouraged me to speak out, trust my own voice and take myself and my work seriously. It can be lonely work toiling away by myself at the political cartoon drawing board wondering what I’m doing and why anyone should care, but via WAM! I’ve plugged into a wonderful support network of women who are making noise, kicking ass and doing brilliant work. Feeling like part of a vibrant community of feminist media voices can make all the difference — we can remind each other why what we do matters, and push each other to take our work farther and never give up.”
– Mikhaela Reid, cartoonist

“The connections we made at WAM! weren’t limited to that weekend. Conversations that began during keynotes were fleshed out in break-out sessions, continued informally in small groups that talked well past midnight, and, most important, kept going on the listserv and in professional, academic, and personal projects and alliances, weeks and months later.”
– Jennifer Pozner, founder/director, Women In Media & News (WIMN)

“The WAM! conference inspires, invigorates, provokes and reminds us of the power of women, both individually and collectively. It is that rare place in which women can talk, laugh, disagree, commiserate, strategize and, most importantly, build community. I do not intend to miss one!”
– Jill Nelson, journalist and author (Volunteer Slavery, Finding Martha’s Vineyard)

“We recently began carrying Mikhaela’s cartoons! Just one of the many great things to come out of WAM!. Working out here in the fly-over zone it was wonderful and heartening to me to see so many smart, dedicated women involved in so many aspects of the media.”
– J. Trout Lowe, editor, Minnesota Women’s Press

“I attended the first WAM! because I was working in mainstream media at Teen Vogue and looking to make more connections with feminists. I met feminist editors I have continued to keep in touch with, and one of them introduced me to writer with whom I’m now co-writing a book for Farrar, Strauss, & Giroux. (A book, in part, about the way Sassy Magazine brought feminist to a generation of teen girls). I was thrilled to attend the second WAM. For me, WAM! is a chance for women in the mainstream media and feminist media to cross-pollinate and figure out ways to work together.”
– Kara Jesella

“WAM! participants and presenters are warm, enthusiastic, open, and most impressively, accessible. WAM! did not feel at all cliquey or hierarchical (even to a first-timer who is not employed in the media, like I was the first time I attended). I learned concrete skills and made great connections. Thank you, WAM!”
– Emily Douglas, content editor, RH RealityCheck